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About My Blossom & “Life X”

My Blossom was the first app for Self Care & Self Love in Germany combining Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, nutrition and mindfulness all in one when launched in 2018. It evolved into an ecosystem which today comprises a TV program, a health prevention product and corporate wellness offering.

Partly based in Asia today, My Blossom has been exploring latest longevity trends from the East and the West and is currently translating this into a new platform for personalized anti aging, based on our users’ genetics and epigenetics profiles, revealing how they can reverse their age based on nutrition, sports, wellness, supplements and eventually also cosmetics

As 1.4bn people globally will be facing aging over the next 5 years, the anti aging market is projected to grow from currently US $149bn to over $422bn. And My Blossom plans to play a crucial role in it focusing on APAC and European markets at launch. In this background we have kicked off a partnership with a venture builder in Singapore and labs in Europe to deliver our MVP for this project (currently called “Life X”). 

Our current team consists of senior experts in building digital products, Entertainment, Logistics and Marketing but for our new venture we are lacking a medical Co-Founder who would be excited about redefining personalized anti aging for our users.

We are looking for you to complement our Founder’s team!

You are a doctor, with high interest in how health prevention can be tailor made based on a patient’s genetics and epigenetics profile. You are excited about Health Tech and co-creating a digital business (in the beginning) in your free time which can help millions of users across the globe to live a healthier, happier and longer life.

This is the team and how you would fit in…

As Chris and Julia are setting up the platform out of APAC for “Life X’s” first POC, you would be driving

  • The definition of our key biomarkers for our genetics and epigenetics lab reports which help us setting up the personal anti aging plans for our users (which will ultimately drive the algorithm of our future app)
  • The framework which doctors (first in Asia) can apply for online consultations
  • Scouting the best supplement products we can select for our anti aging supplement kits for our users

Excited about paving the way for personalized anti aging?

Please get in touch with  Julia Laukemann or fill out the following form

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